Web Design

• You understand that you will be charged a monthly rate with tax that is due on the first day of each month.
• You agree that the billing and production of the site will begin once Cucumber and Company has received the signed paperwork. You are also aware that you will be prorated the 1st month.
• You understand that your credit card will be automatically charged monthly after the Credit Card Authorization form has been submitted when choosing the Cucumber and Company auto-draft payment option.
• You are aware that failure to make a payment on your account by the 15th of the month will result in the website being automatically turned off until the delinquent account is current.
• You are responsible to contact our billing department (304.250.0123) if there are any issues with billing or your payment.
• You understand that Cucumber and Company must be given a notice of 30 business days to discontinue services before auto-billing ends. Any cancellation after the 1st of the month will forfeit any refund.
• Any web updates and changes need to be sent to web@cucumberand.co.
• You are able to receive any assistance by calling Cucumber and Company at (304) 250-0123.
• You are aware of a $50 service charge for all returned checks in addition to any bank service charges incurred by Cucumber and Company.
• Any tax exempt forms will need to be submitted or sales tax will be charged to your account.
• You are aware of and understand that Cucumber and Company is providing a non-transferable service. Any and all coding, files, and creative content provided are property of Cucumber and Company. If the domain is owned by you, it will be returned.